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Traffic Violations

Traffic/Criminal Law Attorneys

If you have been cited for a traffic ticket, you know the aggravation and expense they can cause you, but there can be more serious consequences as well. When cited for Criminal domestic violence, simple possession, public disorderly conduct, speeding, driving with a suspended license, drag racing or reckless driving, there can be severe penalties than can affect not only your pocketbook, but your freedom and future as well.

Most traffic tickets and minor criminal offenses can be handled easily, but you should not always assume that you are in the wrong and have to pay the fine and accept the consequences. Sometimes, accepting a questionable ticket or charge can result in additional points being placed on your driving record that can impact your insurance, job prospects and even lead to suspension. If charged with a more serious offense, you could end up in jail. To prevent a misdemeanor from becoming a more serious matter, consult with an attorney at Finger, Melnick & Brooks, P.A. in Hilton Head, South Carolina, so he or she might help you determine the best legal strategy for your circumstances.

Why Use an Attorney for Traffic Tickets?

Besides the cost of a ticket, which can be extremely high, you may be avoiding future consequences of a suspended license for too many DMV points on your driving record, or even an arrest, depending on the seriousness of your charges. Failing to fight some traffic tickets or misdemeanor charges could result in you no longer being able to hold certain employment and even raise your insurance premiums and make you ineligible for student loans.

At Finger, Melnick & Brooks, we have been helping residents of the Lowcountry for 20 years with their traffic and misdemeanor charges. Our firm is dedicated to helping you every step of the way and will work hard on your behalf. Contact our office for a free initial consultation, where we can explain the benefits of using our firm.

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